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Aeolus HN 355 - good traction and optimum grip all year round

Among the changing road conditions during the year of Aeolus HN 355 provides anytime optimum traction and high grip on the drive axle. This makes the truck tyres to a perfect all-rounder for the whole year.

Traction and grip are optimally

Its special design makes the Aeolus HN 355 to an optimal all-rounder for the whole year. He has the all-season tyres for the drive axle not only optimum traction on snow and mud roads, but also have particularly good wet properties, a compromise that can actually be provided only by really good tyres. The characteristics in the wet is the Aeolus HN 355 - although an all season tyre - after all, still in class C. Also in fuel efficiency - a considerable factor in the industrial application - it is after all, still in class D, and that is for a truck All season tyres above average. The Aeolus HN 355, however, is not ideally suited for use in long-haul - his domain are mainly short and medium distances. But his uniform wear and high mileage there lead to a very low cost per kilometer, which is well below that of many competitors. Together with the high traction and the possibility of year-round use makes him a good choice.

Aeolus - Chinese top quality

Hardly any company has as quickly and sustainably raised themselves as the Chinese manufacturer Aeolus . Not only the quality of the tyres, but above all the objectives for the sustainability and environmental protection have earned the company an excellent reputation. Aeolus has its own European office and its own pan-European breakdown service.

The Aeolus HN 355 is an all season tyre for the drive axle with excellent traction properties and very high mileage. The option to use retread and tyre together, make this an even higher efficiency for the professional transport industry possible.

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