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Aeolus HN 352 - for the hard use on the road and the slopes

The Aeolus HN 352 is a truck winter tyre for the trailer and the front axle, which is the rough use really grown road and off road.

Not only traction but also excellent wet grip

The Aeolus HN 352 is a tyre that creates something that just a few off-road tyres succeed: he combines tremendous grip and traction in any terrain with outstanding characteristics in the wet. The specially-cut profile, the displacement between the freestanding tread blocks is maximized without affecting the grip negative. The Aeolus HN 352 can also be mounted on the steering axle on the trailer but - just there ensure its excellent Wasserableiteigenschaften for best transmission of the steering forces, even at high volumes of water on the road. This increases significantly the driving stability in difficult conditions. The extremely low abrasion and even wear of the tyre tread provides the Aeolus HN 352 despite its resilience and the ability to use it in all types of terrain, a very low cost per kilometer. Especially for the commercial sector which is an important criterion. The carcass is suitable for reprofiling what the life of the tyre used again in addition. Because of its good characteristics in the wet and the good grip of Aeolus HN 352 may be used as all-season tyres on the front axle or on trailer.

Aeolus - a name with more and more weight

The Chinese manufacturer Aeolus has managed to become one of the most appreciated and best quality brands in the European and American market. Above all, the "green" production and the high esteem of the company Nachhhaltigkeit make Aeolus also one of the most innovative and advanced tyre producers in the European market. Even for worn tyres there at Aeolus still money back - that the carcass guarantee provides for truck tyres .

The Aeolus HN 352 is a winter tyre for the front axle or trailer, which can be used all year round also because of the good brains and the excellent characteristics in the wet - road and off road.

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