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The Aeolus HN 257 - best mileage and maximum steering comfort

The Aeolus HN 257 is not only the demands that a truck tyre are provided for the front axle, but also works well as a trailer tyre. Particularly high mileage and excellent steering comfort are its most prominent features.

Excellent mileage

Hardly any manufacturer's tyres regularly achieves such mileages as the Aeolus HN 257. This makes it a very economical alternative. Even more so than in Aeolus also hot or cold retreaded tyres can be used together with new tyres. Most models are particularly suitable for retreading, so is the life of a tyre model again additionally extended far beyond. The Aeolus HN 257 can be used either on the front or on the trailer. As tyres on the steering axle, it also offers a very precise and convenient transmission of the steering forces and a high directional stability - enable high driving stability achieved. As very resilient trailer tyre, the directional stability of Aeolus HN 257 also comes very positively to fruition. It is particularly suitable for short and medium haul, long-haul and long-haul, it should not be used, however. The Aeolus HN 257 is a truck summer tyres with particularly uniform wear, which ensures the high mileage of the tyre.

Premium manufacturer from China

Based in Juazuo company Aeolus is one of the movers in the tyre industry. Few companies in China is growing so rapidly and so continuously as the tyre producer. When it comes to service, it offers a whole lot - the breakdown service within Europe, which is led by the European office from which minimizes down time after a puncture on the truck - for commercial transport, an important advantage. Due to the high mileage and the combination of round or profile retreads and new tyres, a high efficiency can be achieved.

In the short- and medium-haul traffic of Aeolus HN 257 is both on the steering axle and the trailer a track of stable and extremely durable tyres with many positive qualities - the total mark is recommended in any case.

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