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Innovation and style with your 42 inch tyres

Tyre manufacturers are on a continuous search to improve the service your tyres provide. This means ongoing research and innovative technology that will enhance overall performance in 42 tyre sizes and your vehicle, and a safer and more comfortable ride, no matter the terrain you travel!

It is not until severe testing procedures have been completed and reaffirmed that any new model tyre is deemed fit for use by consumers. In the interests of safety and performance, although taken into account, the 42 inch tyres price does not influence the inherent superior quality standards in the tyres you purchase!

Competition and quality r42 tyres

The tyre market is highly competitive but it is also founded on performance and tyre-life values. You are assured that the products you fit to your vehicle, like the best 42 tyres are just that; the very best in innovation, technical design, and quality materials.

From dirt tracks to highways motoring, your tyres have seen testing that the like of which will not be imposed on them by their eventual users. From performance values to wear and tear factors, the competitive r42 tyre price you pay has a lot more value than you think! 

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