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Sporty tyres with 365 mm wide tread

Modern car tyres have high demands on security, freedom from wear, rolling resistance and adhesion erfüllen.Deshalb They are developed with the most modern simulation programs and often virtually tested and put to the test.

Requirement profiles with claim

Many manufacturers distinguish their product lines a clear picture by developing existing car, truck, and motorcycle tyres by continuous model refinement and further improve their properties. Because the demands on quality are high. Thus, braking distances of less than 40 meters (about one hundred kilometers per hour to zero) even under suboptimal conditions become standard. Even low rolling and Walk resistors must be observed when the right tyre choice. Special fuel saving models, up to 3 percent less fuel costs Create- a good argument especially for frequent travelers. Direct transmission of the steering forces when cornering and smooth acceleration are additional benefits that are guaranteed especially with wide tyres, such as the 365 mm wide tyres, which by a large contact area (sporty driving).

tyres with 365 Millimtern width - advanced technology for the road

the requirements are implemented with a mostly incurred in years of meticulous development procedure rubber compound which is applied in several layers, sealed and baked in the form. Soft, dimensionally stable and trozdem Wear and tear resistant - for thousands of kilometers rougher asphalt require the tyres from all their skills. The intelligent distribution of the profile is critical to the safety and stability of the vehicle. Displacement, aquaplaning prevention and self-cleaning of the tyres The focus here. So can be traversed even at high water levels and heavy rains risk puddles and fords. The architecture of the tyre and the ratio of width to height is decisive even if the intended use of the tyres. Voluminous tyres have a good self-damping system and long suspension travel, while flat tyres have a high degree of agility and a direct transmission of forces and moments. Therefore, extremely wide tyres (as 365-mm tyres) particularly in motorsport, whether off- or on-road, very popular.

Hardly a tyre of 365 mm division who does not keep his promises - because many brand manufacturers develop their products for decades - and the competition is high. Nevertheless, the comparison of different tyres with the same requirements, for example, tyres with 365 wider tread worth. but this should always be taken into account all tyres metrics like rim size, tyre width, tyre section and Body.

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