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Wide tyres: 355 mm for high performance and more security

For increased performance and optimal safety using motorists increasingly extra-wide tyres. They enable increased stability in the corners to ensure a constant power during the braking process. In a sudden lane changes or driving maneuvers carry tyres with a 355 millimeter wide tread capability and steering precision. Such tyres are sold by reputable tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear produces.

Better handling with extra wide tyres

Motorists who switch from narrow to wide tyres, notice the difference most. Thanks tyres with a 355-mm tread them cope with the same vehicle without difficulty curves, for which they have used with narrower tyres significantly more effort. Larger vehicles tend at high speeds and in curves lose their stability, which tyres prevent in principle with 355er treads. This is done by each individual tyre at the critical moment achieved significantly more contact with the asphalt. Accordingly, the entyre vehicle is much easier to steer. The same property affects braking performance. More tyre contact with the asphalt like a shorter braking distance. All tyres with 355 mm footprint can on wheels are placed in steel or light alloy.

Certified safety and increased ride comfort

Generally carry all tyre models with a wide footprint in case of serious high-performance sedans a more comfortable ride. They support a harmonious vehicle suspension and absorb bumps much better on the track. The well-known tyre manufacturer Hankook took this several times by various tyre tests. The company checks all tyre models on the own test track. It tyres are tested with a 355 millimeter wide tread under special circumstances. The end result is always the same: width tyres which contribute significantly to a safe and comfortable ride in.

Thanks tyres of 355-millimeter division owners of large cars or SUVs can clearly drive more agile and more stable through the corners. These tyres are suitable for a sporty driving on the motorway or highway. They are available in summer, winter and all-season tyres and are developed and produced by virtually all known tyre manufacturers.

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