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Off-road tyres the 35-division

Good tyres can be seen not only on the profile and the rubber compound. In addition, the tyre width plays an important role. Finally, it regulates the size of the footprint, by means of the tyre contact with the road condition. Therefore broad off-road tyres of the 35-class for vehicles like Allrader and Agriculture are a good choice. They differ from normal tyre by its enormous size and additionally strengthened sidewalls.

Ideal for large off-roader

tyres 35 x 12.5 dimensions are ideally suited for off-road trips. Its shape contributes an improved handling on rough terrain, muddy substrates and in loose sand. The busy runway surface determines the shape and tyre rubber mixture of 35 x 12.5 - class. Such tyres designed for. Example, the known manufacturer Cooper . Vehicles such as vans, SUVs and SUVs benefit for years, especially from Vorzeugemodell Cooper Discoverer . The tyres of this series are equipped with special fins, so rock and sand represent on the track no obstacle.

tyres of 35er segment

But the deep-treaded tyre tread and additionally strengthened sidewalls different terrain of asphalt tyres. The South Korean tyre manufacturer Kumho is known for its tyres in this class. Customers have several models available that are suitable for all vans. One example is the Kumho Venture Road MT .

tyres 35 x 12.5 - Offroad class can be easily mounted on vans, vans, SUVs and similar vehicles. They ensure optimum performance in difficult terrain and contribute to high driving safety. These tyres are made of ultra-modern rubber compounds that ensure uniform wear and better mileage. They are as summer and winter tyres available.

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