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tyres 305er footprint

High-quality car tyres feature a robust tread, on which there is an innovative and adaptable profile. They are lightweight, durable and contribute to the general road safety in. tyres with a 305 millimeter wide tread meet all the EU prescribed safety standards, which numerous independent tests prove. They are suitable for vehicles of the middle and upper class, but can also on aluminum and steel wheels are mounted on sporty compact car.

305er tyres for more grip and better braking performance

Basically vehicles with powerful engines of the middle and upper class are equipped with wide tyres. Especially larger sedans or SUVs obtained already during the first assembly tyres with a 305 millimeter wide tread. This not only the total optical impression is improved. Such tyres contribute to increased performance and safety. In addition, modern tyres are equipped with a 305 mm wide contact area with modern, fuel-saving technologies. So wear z. B. Michelin tyres at from the series "Energy Saver" increased fuel efficiency. This is done by the tyres generate lower rolling resistance, which positively affects among other things the driving comfort.

Almost all sporty drivers use wide car tyres

In order to achieve greater stability and performance, equip most vehicle owners their cars with wide tyres from. This is especially for owners of SUVs is the case, since the performance of these vehicles on winding country roads is a great deal depending on the tyre width. Car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz equip their SUV models often made with such tyres factory. tyres having a 305 millimeter wide contact area, ensure optimal performance of the vehicle in almost any situation. Therefore, a sporty and agile driving on winding roads is possible even with heavy vehicles such as SUVs. The German tyre brand Continental is one of the most well-known developers and manufacturers of tyres of this size.

tyres with a 305 mm footprint is an excellent choice for executive motoring. They provide a good foundation for sporty and safe driving. They are available as summer and winter tyres and can be mounted on steel or alloy rims.

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