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Enhance your ride quality with 3 inch tyres

Your mountain bike tyres are technically designed components to provide the most stable and safe off-road riding. With this consideration they feature knobs or 'lugs' for the purposes of gripping loose and varying terrain. This innovative technology involves costly and time-consuming research, and is a significant benefit in the best 3 tyres !

The most popular wheel sizes are the 26 inch, 27.5 inches (650b) tyres, or the 29 inch size, with the tyres also available in 3 tyre sizes for mountain bikes. It is, therefore, crucial that you determine the right size of tyre for your wheel-set, from the manufacturer's label.

Achieve performance with r3 tyres width

The width of your tyres is a key performance and safety factor, with a greater width providing improved stability during speed runs and cornering. The competitive r3 tyre price is more than justified with increased traction and grip.

Various manufacturers produce specific tyres for the front and rear, which can be interchanged. The 3 inch tyres price offers you a wide and varied choice of the best products available, all maximised to give the best performance when used with the intended wheels.

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