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tyres of 295 mm class for increased security and performance

In addition to the quality and durability, the tyre contact area is an important factor in terms of safety and performance. For this reason, many drivers tend to equip their cars with tyres of 295 millimeters wide. Since a wider tread provides more space for the profile surface at the same time, wide car tyres are generally safer for the road. Mounted on high-quality aluminum wheels they leave next visually a very good impression.

Sporty tyres for cars in the compact and middle class

Vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen or Audi equip their compact models from the factory with tyres of the 295-millimeter segment. These tyres are best suited for this class of vehicle, as they provide on winding roads for more grip. Thus, the vehicle remains controllable even at higher speeds. Thanks to the large tyre surface and thus increased road contact allow tyres to this extent precise handling. Improved values ​​are to be noted also in the braking power. Cars with tyres that have a 295 mm wide tread, come much quicker to a standstill. This is an important factor that increases the road safety considerably. Applications of such tyres throughout the year, as they are considered summer, winter and all-season tyres are available.

Tests prove high quality and mileage

Apart from the high safety and great driving comfort, tyres are distinguished with a 295 millimeter wide tread by extremely high quality. Tradition manufacturers like Fulda , these tyres on all vehicle models in the compact and middle class. The manufacturer tests the tyres throughout the development phase and thereby constantly improving its properties. Thus, Fulda tyres with 295 mm width, a particularly high mileage. Especially attractive these tyre models are also due to increased fuel efficiency.

tyres with a 295 mm wide footprint are ideally suited for compact and midsize cars. They contribute to a safe, economical and sporty ride throughout the year. Almost all renowned manufacturers produce tyres in this size.

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