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295 35 R21 - for the largest among SUVs

tyres in the dimension 295 35 R21 can be found only on the largest of SUVs - but that are not only legendary vehicles meant, but only large and very heavy sport utility vehicles of the upper class. In a rim size of 21 inches, the tyre also has quite a bit of carrying capacity, the low tyre height speaks especially for sporty driving.

Fast, hard and sporty

The dimension 295 35 R21 has one hand a large rim diameter - 21 inch rims for cars already quite rare, but even in SUVs - on the other hand has this dimension only a very small section height compared to the tyre width. It involves low-profile tyres, which make a great deal road contact and care especially during sporty driving for a lot of road grip of the cars. Low-profile tyres are at the off-road tyres , a rarely encountered class, they are intended only for SUVs that actually have the necessary engine power and top speeds corresponding to really sporty driving can. However, the very large luxury SUVs fall consistently in this class. At tyre is in this dimension, some quite well-known and proven models, such as the Latitude of Michelinl or Pirelli PZero known. They both have very good athletic qualities, especially the Michelin ensures the same time also for a good measure of comfort.

In summer the wet properties, in winter especially cornering and traction are important

In the summer tyres in this class the most important criteria beside the road adhesion is especially the behavior in wet conditions. Just as in dry conditions, the tyre must transmit high braking, acceleration and steering forces to the road, only that he is much more difficult in the wet on the roadway, and the tyres demands a lot. In the winter tyres in 295 35 R21 it is particularly important to ensure that the heavy vehicle is maintained by a tyre with good cornering stability safely on track - even when cornering. The traction in winter driving properties and a good wet performance due to the problematic especially in transition seasons high amounts of water on the road are also fundamentally important characteristics of off-road tyres - the Latitude Alpin applies here, for example, as a proven model.

tyres in the dimension 295 35 R21 are sporty low-profile tyres for the largest of SUVs - with correspondingly sporty performance characteristics

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