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285 30 R22 - rare dimension for special Allrader

With the rim size of 22 inches, the dimension 285 30 R22 is a very rare. Only the most powerful and heaviest Allrader are equipped in this dimension, therefore only a few models of tyres on the market, but most are classics that are famous in other dimensions.

The classics in XL format

The selection of off-road tyres in the dimension 285 30 R22 is very limited - the models that are available here, but are in almost all cases to the proven classics in 4x4 area. So how about the Goodyear Wrangler F1 - it is a summer tyre for the road with incredible water displacement and adhesion on wet road surfaces even at high speeds. It is designed for speeds of up to 270 km/h, loses even at high speeds very little performance. His high mileage is impressive, especially in the high stresses which occur at high speed for the tyre. The Pirelli P Zero is among the summer tyres is not as well-known classics, like the Marshall KL12 - but both are a recommendation in this segment value.

Quite interesting from the budget segment

The less classic and well-known brands have in this segment in 285 30 R22 to offer some very interesting tyres - such as Atturo with the AZ 800 or also little known brand Nokian the Hakkapeliita. Kumho Ecsta already enjoys now but a good reputation, as was the Dunlop SP Sport 9000, can boast consistently very good performance data and also with a solid life compared to many other Reifenmodellenim HP segment. Among the off-road tyres are also the Goodyear Eagle, the Hankook Ventus and winter versions of the Kumho Ecsta and the Goodyear Wrangler F1 that are popular here in the race for the best performance.

The rare dimension 285 30 R22 - virtually the XL format among the off-road tyres - is ausgesattet mainly of classical models, but also some interesting budget models that are consistently high performance.


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    • 285/30 ZR22 101Y
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    • 285/30 R22 101V
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