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275 30 R19 - powerful wide tyres for a sporty driving style

The tyre size 275 30 R19 stands for an absolutely sporty driving pleasure and a characteristic appearance. Suitable the wide tyres are for vehicles of the middle and upper class.

Stable traveling in the curve

With its extra wide tread provide car tyres of size 275 30 R19 for optimum traction. This is just to two reasons: First Pneus this width have a high rolling resistance and, secondly, are softer rubber compounds used as the vehicle weight is distributed on more space. characterized Further improve the braking performance on wet and dry roads and the steering behavior. The flat design of the 275 30 R19 has a positive effect on the cornering stability of the vehicle. Particularly flat tyres are also referred to as low-profile tyres. In combination with the inner diameter of 19 inches and thus 19er wheels 275 30 R19 tyres also provide a powerful and bulky picture.

Balanced properties on dry and wet roads: The Hankook Ventus S1 summer tyres

A tyre series with very balanced properties is the series Hankook VENTUS S1 EVO K107 . First, the sporting summer tyres delight course through their excellent wet and dry adhesion, which in the EU tyre label with de Class B (AG) is specified. For this excellent result, among other things, the special tread responsible, which are guaranteed by a total of four longitudinal grooves and distinctive outer disk low braking distances. Even the fuel consumption, the Hankook show summer tyres absolutely convincing. Characterized the tyres for this dimension a top result, which achieves little of the other series of energy efficiency in the Class C. VENTUS S1 EVO K107 are approved for a top speed of 300 km/h.

Sporty looks, high speeds and excellent driving characteristics make the tyre size 275 30 R19. Thus, they are an excellent choice for quick driver and sports car owners.

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