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tyres with 265 mm width

tyres with 265 mm width have a good grip. Thus they provide while driving for a precise steering response and excellent traction. Offered will tyre of this width for cars, vans and ATVs .

Strong traction driveability thanks to high traction

When choosing the tyres every driver has different preferences. These depend usually on the respective properties and the design. Whether a car, off-road or truck tyres provides a particularly good handling or the focus, for example, aligned to a low fuel consumption depends largely on the size of the tyre. The dimensions are always adhere to the basic attributes, which can be optimized using individual rubber compounds and tread patterns. For tyres with 265 mm width, especially the handling characteristics on dry and wet surfaces are well developed. It points tyres of this size with a superb grip, which has a positive effect on traction, handling, braking, performance.

First-class passenger car tyres for the winter

On snow and heavy rainfall are tyres with 265 mm width initially at a disadvantage compared to narrower winter tyres . This deficit is however canceled in high-quality tyre series, using distinctive winter profiles and silica (silica) as an additive for rubber compounds. A good example is the car tyre series Pirelli WINTER 240 SOTTOZERO 2 , which are available in size 265 / 40R18. The performance tyres are given in EU tyre label for wet grip and energy efficiency in each case with the C class (AG). An excellent result, which guarantees a high level of safety, while also delivering financial benefits.

Those who expect an optimum driving performance, should focus on particularly wide tyres, for example, tyres with 265 mm width. This, thanks to their large tread for a high rolling resistance, resulting in traction, handling and braking characteristics substantially improve.

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