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265 30 R19 - a dimension for the top sporting

In size 265 30 R19, the Ultra athletes see the tyres - extremely low cross-section and on most models specially optimized tread compound for maximum grip make for a very sporty handling - but often is not quite as good when wet, at least in some models ,

Not all athletes are athletes Rain

Not every tyre model in this dimension like rain well - some are designed both of their tread compound as well as of their profile section ago rather for athletic performance on dry roads. Aquaplaning is for Supersport tyres not always a criterion. Here, then, caution is advised in any case, a look at the wetness class of the tyre, which can be found on the EU label, by no means harm. The Dunlop SP Sport may here contrast very well with moisture under the summer tyres in 265 30 R19, and the ContiSportContact is a proven partner for sporty drivers - the tyre is almost a classic. But new forces on the market, with consistently quite good performances as the Nexen N3000 or the Kumho Ecsta SPT which certainly is worth a recommendation. The Goodyear Eagle F1 is in matters wet grip a real tip tyre - in rainy none makes the front of what.

Sporty through the winter

Unlike many extreme sports dimensions there are in 265 30 R19 also quite a - although modest, but at least - range of winter tyres , bring the good and athletic performance. Above all, of course, the Pirelli Sottozero, which also applies in other dimensions as really good and reliable winter tyre especially for sporty vehicles, grip, handling and good performance on snow is actually a matter of course for such a sporty tyre class, technically but especially in winter tyres often difficult to achieve. When the Sottozero definitely succeeded when Vredestein Wintrac win XT way also, as well as the Wintrac 4 Extreme with his brother. All three offer wirklcih good winter alternative for sports cars, which are all year round in everyday use.

Supersport tyres, as they are clearly in the dimension 265 30 R19, differ both in profile and in rubber compounds often considerably, which also has an influence on their performance under different conditions. The winter tyre Riege in this dimension, although few and far between, but inhabited by some real top tyre.

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