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tyres with 255 mm width: Vele benefits on and off-road

Whether cars, trucks, SUV or SUV : tyres of 255 mm class are an excellent choice for each of the vehicle types. Pneus this above average size are characterized by an excellent grip and ensure even on wet roads for short braking distances.

Precise handling and short braking distances

Wide tyres generate through their tread a high rolling resistance. This increases while driving the grip of what some advantages. Thus, inter alia, improve the braking characteristics on dry and slightly wet asphalt. The handling is much more precise by a more traction. Whoever opts for tyres with 255 mm width, focuses thereby on the driving behavior. Depending on the amount of Pneus ride comfort is then determined. Wide tyres these dimensions have usually a fairly low profile, resulting in a relatively poor damping with it.

Two tyre model that can convince

Recommended tyres with 255 mm width for ATVs are for example the Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO . For both the driving characteristics and fuel consumption, the summer tyres inspire with good results. In EU tyre label the Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO are gekkenzeichnet in wet grip and energy efficiency in each case with the C class. The classes range from the letters A to G, with the Class A stands for the best results. In the passenger car tyre segment, however, can Nokian Z LINE particularly convincing in the dimension 255 / 35R19. The high quality summer tyres are marked with the wet grip with Class A.

With tyres of 255 mm width high driving fun with the optimal security is guaranteed. Handling and braking are especially pronounced in this dimension. As offroad tyres series Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO also provide tyres with 255 mm width a very economical driving behavior.

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