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Size 255 75 R15 - a offroader dimension

tyre size 255 75 R15 are intended mainly for medium-sized off-roader, in this dimension, there are both tyres for the road-only mode as well as for mixed operation road - terrain.

True offroad tyres and tyre for mixed use

The tyre in this size you should decide which tyre class is actually needed, a tyre for the road-only use, because almost never is driven off-road always first, or a tyre for mixed use in 255 75 R15. The suitability is most offroad summer tyres specified in a percentage ratio, for example, 70% road and 30% terrain. The presents are obviously only a rough guide, but gives a good picture of what the tyres can afford. An example of such a tyre is Toyo OP-AT, can score with his aggressive style and comfort on the road, but beyond that looks good even off-road and on snow. He is therefore also perfect as off-road all-season tyres . Also wet Class E is a good value for the tyre of this type.

all season tyres contrasted summer and winter tyres

The size 255 75 R15 is mainly designed for SUVs, for many, therefore, the question arises whether simply a rough all-terrain tyres can not be driven as all-season tyres for cost reasons, rather than building special summer and winter tyres to use. In practice, however, is always dependent on the tyre itself, not all terrain tyres prove themselves really well on wintry roads, and a dezitierte suitability as all-season tyres have only those that are explicitly labeled by the manufacturer as such, although some models, such as the MAXXIS MA 751. He is an allrounder for all seasons and all types of terrain, with a use ratio of road: makers of Offroad 60:40, and has the possibility via a M + S marking.

tyre size 255 75 R15 are usually intended for off-road vehicles, and designed for pure road, region or mixed mode. Single tyres for mixed operation can be driven all year.

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