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255/35 R20

What a good vehicle needs to perform at its best are great tyres as they account for completeness in terms of steering, road grip, fuel consumption, and comfort while driving. 255/35 R20 are such summer tyres which ensure sporty driving experience to all vehicle classes. With the affordability and long lasting performance, these promise more miles under various weather conditions. These tyres flaunt good directional stability when driving on windy roads. Thanks to closed shoulders, they allow for lateral stiffness for optimum precision and a promising directional stability.

With quite a high number of grip edges and high pitch, contact with wet road surfaces is improved. The improvised gripping edges in many of these provide short wet braking distances which in turn proves the ultimate grip of these tyres on the roads regardless of the adverse weather. Recorded on an average review of 257,000 miles driven, the dry grip and wet grip of these tyres stand at 95% and 90% respectively.

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