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tyres with 245 mm wide for SUVs, cars and vans

Whether summer, winter or all-season tyres, a width of 245 millimeters makes the tyre excellent handling both on and off the tarmac. tyres with 245 mm width available for SUVs, off-road vehicles, vans and sports cars. Many manufacturers such as Michelin , Continental and Goodyear have this size.

In the width it comes

Tyres are always determined in their properties by three things: material, profile and dimension. Here, the dimension of the tyres is the basis, which is optimized using advanced rubber compounds and sophisticated tread patterns. tyres with 245 mm width initially characterized by a very large tread. Thus, the rolling resistance falls from relatively high, which affects the grip positively. So convince better the grip, the more traction, braking and handling in a tyre. tyres with 245 mm width are ideal by their dimensions for drivers with a sporty driving style. Owners of off-road vehicles also benefit from tyre width, since the vehicle may implement effectively the engine performance even on difficult ground.

Excellent summer tyre for vans

Apart from the tyre width and the height affects the respective properties. tyres which have 245 mm wide treads, can have a variety of tyre heights. It is important that a tyre with a low height and thus low profile provides more cornering stability. Anyone looking for a sport tyres, should therefore tend to flat tyres. More ride comfort on the other hand arises with increasing altitude. - The selection of truck tyres with a width of 245 is manageable. Good results achieved the series Nokian HAKKAPELIITTA LT2 . The high quality summer tyres are marked in the EU tyre label for wet grip and energy efficiency in each case with the C class (AG).

tyres with 245 mm width are high traction and provide excellent handling and braking characteristics. Especially in the area of ​​higher-class cars and SUV segment are tyres of this size often encountered. Depending on the tyre height vary the ride comfort and cornering stability.

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