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245 75 R16 - a robust high profile tyres for SUVs

Pneus with the dimensions 245 75 R16 are designed for off-road vehicles Offroad tyres. They are suitable for SUVs journeys over land and gravel roads as well as for all-wheel drive vehicles that are match for any terrain.

Powerful on all surfaces

Whether on forest roads or on sand dunes, tyres with the dimensions 245 75 R16 cope with any difficult terrain. Even on rough terrain, they show high performance. The first value of the tyre data of 245 75 R16 tyre is over its width information. He indicates that this Pneu 245 millimeters wide. Because of this ample width of the tyre rides very track exactly even on uneven ground. In addition, this width dimension provides large contact surfaces and good traction. Manufacturers such are on the production of these strong tyres Kumho specialized. That it is for models with the dimensions 245 75 R16 for SUV tyres, is mainly due to its high profile to recognize. The second ranked position of the tyre dimensions value represents the ratio of the tyre width to its height edge, which is also known as a profile height. A value of 75 is a percentage. It states that the flank height of this tyre 75 percent is its width. This is a high profile tyres.

Imposing tyres in radial construction

The R, the only letter in the tyre data of the tyre with the dimensions 245 75 R16, stands for radial tyres. tyre radial type is also called radial tyres. They are characterized by a good cornering force. The carcass threads of the base of radial tyres are disposed radially. Many of the off-road tyres with such robust belts supplied by the manufacturer Nexen . According to the last value of the tyre data you can on wheels with a diameter of 16 Zol be mounted l.

245 75 R16 tyres are rugged off-road tyres . They are used by manufacturers such as Westlake produced and are each adventure grown.

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