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245 40 R20 - sporty look and optimum grip

Large aluminum rims, a wide profile and a flat structure - wide-base tyres are becoming more popular and this is not only on the appearance. The tyres of the size 245 40 R20 are a good example, because the wide tyres convinces with its outstanding braking performance, excellent handling and an extremely fast speed.

Wide tyres with good cornering stability

When you first look at car tyres with the dimensions 245 40 R20 naturally fall on the huge wheels. 20-inch wheels are bursting almost before power and giving each car a more sporty appearance. In addition, the steering is more direct than with smaller wheels. Also width and height of the tyre to influence the steering behavior of the vehicle. The 245 40 R20 tyres is low-profile tyres. Their wide tread and relatively low height, the grip of the car is better. Improved traction has positive effects on the traction, steering response and cornering stability. In addition, the braking distances are much shorter.

High performance tyre for less

Anyone looking for a good wide-base tyres in size 245 40 R20 and no assets would spend on it, is should the tyres of the series once ECSTA Le Sport KU39 watch manufacturer Kumho. The excellent summer tyres are among the most favorable in their dimensional and convince both the fuel consumption as well as in the wet adhesion. the tyres of Kumho series can compete with the twice as expensive premium tyre specially vehicle capability. Only when the external rolling noise values ​​are a bit high. Nevertheless right here the whole package and wide tyres lovers are guaranteed to have their enjoyment of the sport tyres.

Without question, who is interested in wide tyres and a lot of emphasis on good traction, precise steering response and a sporty appearance, comes on the tyre size 245 40 R20 should not settle.

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