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245 35 R19 Tyres

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245/35 R19 Tyres

Tyres with a width of 245nm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 35%, and diameter 19 have excellent grip. These tyres have much low noise level as compared to other tyres.  These tyres work best in dry condition but wet grip is remarkable in driving in wet conditions .These tyres do not slide while taking roundabouts. These tyres are recommended for vehicle with more than 280 KW power. They are resistant to wear. These tyres are best suited for high engine power sports cars. tyres are rigid on the sides, but they are comfortable enough for a smooth and calm drive. The tyres are asymmetrical, which evacuate water easily. These tyres provide security to the driver by sudden brakes and less tension. In dry condition to lose traction is impossible. The tyre is worth its price and durability. These tyres have a nice appearance but are not recommended to use in snow. ABS is activated in extreme situations.

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