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245 30 R20 - powerful wide tyres for middle and upper class

The tyre dimensions 245 30 R20 combines three things together: a powerful appearance, excellent traction and optimum braking. Ideal conditions for sports cars of middle and upper class.

Larger wheels for increased stability

With a tyre width of 245 mm and a height of just 30% of the width include Pneus this dimension to the wide tyres. Thanks to extensive footprint can be used in 245 30 R20 tyres a very soft rubber compound. This makes the tyre remains formally sticking to the asphalt, making it extremely high traction and gives short braking distances. This applies to both dry as well as wet coating. An increased risk of aquaplaning is not given with a width of 245 mm. The low height of the tyres results in a very direct and precise steering response. For added stability is also ensured by the 20 wheels, because the size of the rim also increases driving stability.

Ultra high performance tyre with excellent wet grip

One of the most popular series tyres in size 245 30 R20 is the series Pilot Super Sport Michelin. The Ultra High Performance tyres are characterized by a very good dry handling and can convince especially when cornering. The wet adhesion is given in EU tyre label with Class A - the highest class. Even with the mileage cut the tyres of series Pilot Super Sport from with good results. The authorized maximum speed is indicated at 300 km/h. An almost 200 euros cheaper option, however, is the Achilles ATR Sport . Despite the high price difference of wide tyres can inspire with a good wet grip (Class C). The Achilles ATR Sport is approved for a maximum speed of 270 km/h.

245 30 R20 tyres developed for sports cars or sporty midsize car. The focus is clearly on the handling and braking characteristics, which have to convince even at top speeds. Who value also attaches to striking 20er wheels is well advised with this tyre size.

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