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tyres with 235 mm width: Outstanding handling on any terrain

The list of tyre with 235 millimeters in width is extensive and includes a wide variety of tyres for cars , ATVs, trucks and vans. Advantages offer Pneus this width especially in the braking and steering properties and traction. Different tyre height and inside diameter also determine the comfort and appearance of the tyre.

traveling safely and quickly with the car tyres from Michelin

The largest selection of tyres with 235 millimeters in width are offered in the field of passenger car tyres. With excellent results while cutting the tyre series PRIMACY 3 GRNX EL manufacturer Michelin from. In both the wet grip and fuel consumption, the high-performance tyre achieve outstanding results. Energy efficiency is in the EU tyre label with Class C (AG) and thus offers a very economical driving behavior. In the wet grip the Michelin PRIMACY 3 tyres are indicated with 235 millimeters in width even with a Class A.

Strong traction off-road tyres from Pirelli

With the Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO in 235/65 R17 obtain SUV owners a premium tyres for the summer. The running strong radial tyres feature a striking block profile and thus offer optimal grip on asphalt and off-road usage. The wet grip of the tyres is referred to EU tyre label with Class B. Compared a vehicle with tyres of class F required during emergency braking (at 80 km/h) on a wet road up to 15 meters longer braking distance. On the topic of economics, the Pirelli tyres 235er division convincingly present efficiently.

tyres which have 235 mm wide treads, offer a high level of safety and performance. Their wide tread they generate a high friction and stick by formally on the ground. With the two tyre model Michelin PRIMACY 3 GRNX EL and Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO in the tyre width 235 car drivers as owners of off-road vehicles are equally well served.

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