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235/40 R18

The 235/40 R18 tyres are an excellent addition to your vehicle. These are widely known as great summer tyres which are designed to be utilized for all areas. It makes the handling super easy, thanks to its enlarged contact with the road. They are quite well balanced and ensure maximum safety on the road due to the unique feature of circumferential grooves within the tyres.

These tyres promise flawless handling in dry conditions and quite good in wet conditions as well. Although the noise rate maybe of significant concern but it can surely be compromised with quality and performance that are top-notch and absolutely affordable. With good braking and extra-ordinary road grip, accidents can be avoided. Reviewing 257,000 miles driven on an average with this tyre, the dry grip has seemed to be 95% while the wet grip stands at 90%. Providing for a smooth and comfortable drive, the wear pattern turns out to be 89% and accounts for a superior drive.

These tyres allow for great assist tracking, ensuring minimum collision on sideways drift if need be. The newly designed version of these have a technical oriented asymmetric tread pattern which promises improvements in the overall performance. Just like its designing essence, meant for all areas and supporting both wet and dry conditions, the tyres are made to stand as a suitable choice for both middle and upper class vehicles. Surely these are keeper for superior comfort and better mileage!

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