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tyres with 225 mm width: Excellent handling and optimum braking

tyres with 225 mm width for cars available, off-roaders, SUVs and vans. They are highly sought after because of their wide tread especially as sports tyres for powerful vehicles. Many well-known manufacturers such as Pirelli, Contintental or Michelin tyres make their series here with a width of 225 millimeters.

Strong traction tyres for cars, offroad and Transportation

Both the traction as well as the steering and braking characteristics can convince with 225 mm width tyres. The reason is that the wide tread builds a large rolling resistance while driving. This in turn ensures a high friction and thus an excellent drivability. Especially on dry asphalt can reach their full potential tyre of this width. Depending on the dimension offer tyres with 225 mm width either a high degree of comfort, or a particularly good cornering stability. The latter improves with decreasing tyre height, which, however, is also the driving comfort worse.

High quality summer tyre from Continental

Who is looking for a summer tyre with good wet grip, should be for the Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 decide. In the 225/45 R17 tyre of the EU tyre label reached the Class A (AG) in the wet adhesion. Compared this means that a vehicle with Class F tyres under full braking (80 km/h) on a wet road up to 18 meters longer braking distance required. Even when fuel quality tyre achieves excellent results and ends up in class C. Approved the tyre series Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 for a maximum speed of 240 km/h.

Traction, handling and braking are optimally pronounced in tyres with 225 mm width. In connection with a large tyre height, the tyres also have a comfortable ride. As summer tyre for powerful vehicles especially the series Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 recommended 225/45 R17 in the dimension.

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