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Do You Need 22 Inch Tyres?

You may have a passenger vehicle or a light truck that requires the r22 tyre size. If so you are fortunate that you have many top manufacturers to choose from that produce the best 22 inch tyres. Some examples are Continental, Dunlop, Falken and several others.

When you go to buy 22 inch tyres it can be a little overwhelming even if you are using the internet as your resource. We realize this and have made it easy to buy 22 inch tyres. The 22 inch tyre price is going to be a priority for you but there are other factors about the tyres that you want to consider first.

You may have some specific wants and needs when it comes to your 22 inch tyres that you want to focus on. For example, you may want to focus on the load capacity, the speed, or even a specific brand. Trying to narrow down your online searches for this criteria can be cumbersome. But not if you are using our 22 inch tyres comparison resource here. You can just use the filters to narrow down your search.

Fot example if you want to see the r22 tyre price for the Toyo Brand just click on this brand in the sidebar and you will instantly be presented with not only all the tyres in this brand of this size but the best 22 tyres price. It does not get much easier than this.

What About The R22 Tyres

The cost of 22 inch tyres many vary slightly among each tyre provider. Keep in mind that they are competing against each other and they may be offering a special price or promotion. It is up to you to choose the best tyre provider that is going to be able to meet your needs. Cost is one thing but do not forget about the other factors like performance and durability. 

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22 inch tyres: sporty and versatile

Having the right tyres mounted on the car is as important as to have a valid driver's license. Depending on the vehicle and model different tyre sizes are needed. tyres in the size 22 inches are suitable for example for luxury cars, sports car and off-road specialists.

Handling, braking performance and mileage

The size specification 22-inch tyres referred to a the diameter of the rim on which the tyres are mounted, and the inner diameter of the tyre itself. One inch is 25.4 mm. The 22-inch tyres of various manufacturers such as from Pirelli vary not only in height and width, but also in their characteristics such as handling, braking performance and mileage. Above all, the properties are determined by the profile. The selection of the 22 inch tyre therefore takes place according to the instructions of the car manufacturer, application area of the vehicle (offroad more or street) and the driver's driving style.

Who is using 22 inch tyres?

22 inch tyres are in the car luxury class virtually become mandatory. Virtually all automakers ran their luxury cars already with tyres measuring 22 inches from. The tyres are often approved for the road, but have at the same time also a classification in the speed class Y on. This means that the tyre at a speed of 300 km/h, easy to withstand. At the same time, there are also 22-inch tyres, which are known for their off-road capabilities. The size of this case represents a perfect off-size, making it popular with SUVs and off-road vehicles. A 22 inch tyre is so popular with sporty drivers and utility vehicle. Both equally as winter, summer or all-season tyres.

22 inch tyres are suitable in the different versions both for sporty vehicles and driving as well as off-road terrain. Likewise, the tyres are available for different maximum speeds such as for Y-classifications or also for the speed class V . Also, 22 inch tyres, like all other sizes also available in the different versions of summer, winter and all-season tyres.

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