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tyres with 215 mm Width: Economic Pneus for cars, offroad and Transportation

Whether cars, off-road vehicle or van, tyres with 215 mm width available for each of the three vehicle types. The advantages of the tyres always remain the same: Excellent braking and steering characteristics, strong traction and high efficiency thanks to low fuel consumption.

Optimal handling thanks to its wide tread

The properties of a tyre depends on three components: tread, rubber mixture and dimension. When dimension turn the tyre width plays a crucial role, as these strongly influences both the driving characteristics and fuel consumption. tyres with 215 mm width make this mediocrity and so provides a balance of properties. Fuel consumption is low because the tread does not produce an excessive amount of rolling resistance. This also has a positive effect on the longevity of the tyres. Nevertheless, the rolling resistance is so great that the tyres performed very well in the disciplines of traction, braking and handling. The ride comfort on the other hand depends on the tyre height. A tyres in size 215/60 R16 for example, offers more comfort than a with the dimension 215/45 R16.

Pirelli tyres for ATVs

Who is looking for off-road or SUV tyres with 215 mm width, is the Pirelli Scorpion Verde Ecoimpact very good advice. The summer tyres are marked in the EU tyre label for wet grip with Class B (AG). An excellent result, which speaks for a safe and accurate driving. The fuel economy is the Class C above the average for most off-road tyres. Another plus is the low external rolling noise, which reached a value of 70 decibels.

A low fuel consumption and excellent performance make tyres with 215 mm width to excellent tyres for cars , vans and ATVs. Additionally, those who still puts on a pleasant ride comfort value, should pay attention to a large cross section in the selection of tyres series.

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