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tyres sized 215 75 R16

Safe on the road with vans, caravans and SUVs: tyres sized 215 75 R16 are a popular choice for these large, heavy vehicles. They are available in different price segments, from low tyre to tyre of the van segment .

What are the numbers of the dimension bar mean?

A view of the side of a tyre provides information about how big and wide the tyre is. A tyres sized 215 75 R16 is 215 mm wide and has a diameter of 16 inches . The ratio between width and height is 75 percent , the tyre is thus relatively high. In addition, it is designed with a radial design. Radial tyres are characterized by the combination of stabilizing belt plies made with carcasses. Within the carcasses lie to each other, the rubber threads at right angles, ie radially. tyres sized 215 75 R16 are manufactured primarily for vans, caravans and large SUVs, thus for vehicles whose body is capable of high tyres.

tyres sized 215 75 R16 in test

A popular size are tyres sized 215 75 R16 for caravans. For a safe holiday, it is important to select tyres that are equally perform well in sunshine and rain. In the test of the magazine promobil cut tyre series Pirelli Camper in the dimension 215 75 R16 as test winner from. Just as summer tyres in all price segments and winter tyres for vans and SUVs are available in the corresponding dimension. When selecting winter tyres, consumers should look for the M + S symbol that shows that the tyres may be driven in snow and slush.

Whether drivers certainly want to come on holiday or want to transport heavy loads: The tyre size 215 75 R16 offers balanced handling and a high load capacity.

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