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21 inch tyres - the most important facts

tyres with a diameter of 21 inches are particularly large tyres. Often they are combined with correspondingly massive vehicles. Very popular are the 21 incher in motorcycling and belong there to the uniform design of enduro machines.

Large tyre dimensions for terrain and road

The large 21 inch are primarily driven with large vehicles. Especially in the offroad segment are 21 inch tyres popular to SUVs auszustattet and other SUVs. Trucks and vans are also equipped with tyres in the corresponding dimensions on the go. In addition, the owners of high-powered cars often access to the large dimensions. 21 inch tyres give the sedans and coupes a sporty and dynamic impression. In most cases, the larger diameter is also associated with a wider tread. Vehicles that are driven with 21-inch tyres, therefore benefit from a better road. However, the larger the diameter, the smaller usually the ride comfort of the tyre.

21 inch tyres for motorcycles

On motorcycles also tyres come with a diameter of 21 inches are used. The front wheels of enduro machines can come up with such a dimension often suitable rear wheels are two inches smaller sizes. 21 inch tyres for motorcycles can be driven on very versatile substrates and are therefore ideal for bikes. Motorcyclists use this machine after all for long trips on very different roads and paths. The range of motorcycle tyres of 21 inch diameter is large. In tests cut mainly the brands Karoo, models Michelin from and Pirelli well.

21 inch tyres can be used in many ways. There are summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres in the corresponding dimension. People who drive the motorcycle long distances, also relies on the large tyre diameter.

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