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205 65 R16 Tyres

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205 65 r16

The best 205 65 r16 tyres are summer van tyres. Your average 205 x 65 x 16 tyres are very good on mud and snow. They shouldn't be used off road, but are very good in a variety of weathers, including on very wet and slippery ground. The tyres themselves are popular for cars and vans, which is probably why they are so reasonably priced. When it comes to braking in the wet, these are the sorts of tyres you want on your van.

What are 205 65 r16 tyres?

Most people buy 205 65 r16 tyres, and they are well known for being diverse day-to-day business tyres. The level of quality between brands is a little more varied than one may expect, but these are good tyres for any season and the handle winter weather pretty well. Again, the brand of 205 x 65 r16 tyres you buy seems to matter quite a bit, with some brands having far worse tyre longevity than others. You may use them on your van but pick the right brand for your van since some branded versions do not handle heavier loads very well.

Pros and Cons of 205 65 16 tyres

The first and most definite pro for these tyres are their price. You can get one of these tyres for the same price as a microwave oven, and they are very good all-rounder tyres with an angle towards all-season winter-safe tyres. On vans or on cars, they handle wet weather exceptionally well, and are pretty good on mud and snow.

As for downsides, even the expertly patterned tyres are pretty loud, many of them coming in at around 73db when freewheeling without the engine on. Plus, as these tyres are built to withstand wet mud and snow, they have a fairly robust tyre tread that makes them less fuel efficient. On a scale between A and E, they come in at around a C for fuel efficiency. The quality between branded tyres seems to vary, and you will have to do a little extra research into your tyres if you are putting them onto a commercial van because some brands have tread that wears out more quickly than on others.

205 65 r16 tyres price

The 205 65 r16 tyres best price is a pretty low one. Your 205 65 16 price is going to differ a little between brands and depending on if you are buying them for a car or a van, nevertheless they are pretty low priced. They edge over into lower-mid priced when you are dealing with bigger named brands, but even their varieties are very low priced. If you can snag a multiple-buy deal for these tyres, then you will get great value for money.

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