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Affordable 2 inch tyres and top quality

Your experience with your machine and its tyres will determine how you view buying the best 2 tyres and the performance you demand from them! Experts have determined that the ideal fit-set between the rim section of your machine and the tyre is approximately 1.8 to 1.

They also agree that when considering 2 tyre sizes any product between1.4 and 2.2 times should fit. However, this does depend on the bead diameters corresponding! With the majority of modern bikes hooked flanges on their rims, for the purpose of retaining folding tyres, they are capable of a retention factor of up to 3-times their width.

Cushioned comfort with r2 tyres

Most riders wish for a comfortably cushioned ride. Therefore, when considering your tyre needs and the best quality for a 2 inch tyres price , also compare any increased cushioning effect: you will gain from a particular tyre.

You will receive greater riding comfort from a tyre at a specified pressure fitted to a narrow rim; adversely, stress on the sidewall is also increased. When comparing the r2 tyre price with your needs, keep in mind Mountain-bike tyres are designed to take extra stress but not road tyres!

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