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tyres with 195 mm width: Optimal traction in all weather conditions

tyres with 195 mm width for cars offered, ATVs, vans and motorcycles. They are extremely popular because of their balance of properties in the area drivability and energy efficiency. For this reason, manufacturers produce from all price segments of their series in this dimension.

Low fuel consumption thanks to low rolling resistance

The tyre width affects in different ways on the driving behavior of a vehicle. Since changing the tread of the tyres, wide tyres provide a larger rolling resistance while driving. As a consequence, the vehicle has a better grip, which has a positive effect on handling, braking and steering characteristics. On the other hand increases with the rolling resistance but also the fuel consumption. The advantage of tyres with 195 mm width is that the tyres generate sufficient traction while guaranteeing an economical driving behavior. tyres with 195 mm width can have different heights and inner diameter. The tyre height determines the degree of ride comfort. The inner diameter is decisive for the size of the rim.

A wide selection of quality tyres

tyres with 195 mm width convince both in summer and in winter. In the field of passenger car tyres, among other things, the summer tyres as standard are Michelin Energy Saver Plus highly recommended. The quality tyres achieve first-class results in both the wet grip and the fuel consumption. The dimension 195/65 R15 is labeled by wet adhesion and the class B in energy efficiency in the EU tyre label, for example, Class A (AG). In the winter tyres among others are Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT highly recommended.

An excellent driving performance and good efficiency make tyres with 195 mm width an excellent choice for a variety of vehicle types. Summer or winter, this Pneus Width ensure every season precise handling, short braking distances and high traction.

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