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195/50 R15

Tyres sized 195/50R15 are the best find for users who look forward to comparing good performance as against affordability. Call them sports tyres for they are styled and made that way. These are summer tyres designed for great road grip in dry conditions. What makes them a preferable choice for users is its innovative tread which aids in reducing noise levels to a greater extent. These quieter version of tyres have footprint with broad ribs in order to ensure better drainage while driving on the wet roads which would in turn maximize braking in wet conditions.

The ultra high performance tyres come packaged with an affordable price and performance ratios. They also come equipped with side walls that holds quite a strength so as to protect the aluminum rims so that they are not easily damaged through pavements. On a review averaging 2,562,853 miles driven, the mentioned tyres promise 95% dry grip, to provide for an excellent driving experience on a bright sunny day, and a wet grip of 88%, to make way on wet roads for a smooth drive.

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