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195/45 R15

These tyres have stunning gripping power. Their effect on fuel consumption is negligible. Provides great comfort while driving. Tested on curvy and bumpy roads and results are astonishing.  These tyres have impeccable and perfect braking power. These tyres have terrific grip in wet weather and even better in dry, and are very handy in such weathers.

They are designed in such a manner that it provides multiple features. The best being grip. Corners very softly. Provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. The tread pattern is quite attractive as it gives fantastic grip. Can travel huge miles without wearing off. It is an all-rounder tyre, provides the customer with multiple features. Can carry a good amount of load without reducing speed. Tested in rainy and snowy weather and produced stunning results. The material of tyre is quite nice and the sidewalls are soft and flexible. Over all a high performance tyre.  

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