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tyres 185: What does this mean and how do you find the right tyres?

Finding the right tyre in 185 mm width, is not so easy. Especially since every motorist "right" defined in this case differently. What quality guidelines are critical? What many numbers on the tyre actually mean? And how do I find out which tyre is suitable for my car? These questions will be explored in the following text.

Quality check of professionals

The German Automobile Club e. V. - better known as ADAC - is an independent institution in the automotive industry. For over 40 years the Club regularly tests summer tyres, thanks to this experience, the tyre tests are a good orientation when purchasing tyres. This year, the "Yellow Angel" category tyres have performed 185/60 R15. Of 19 tested summer tyres have equal nine "good" completed with an overall grade: The Michelin Energy Saver + could convince especially when wear while the Dunlop Sport BluResponse showed the only tyre a "very good" performance on dry roads. Which tyre is now suitable so for what type of driver and what car is entyrely up to the driver's demands.

What the tyre designations actually mean?

Whether you want to buy new tyres or looking in the vehicle registration certificate to the approved tyres Size: One is always with a marking such as tyres make 185/60 R15 H faced. This designation is typical of the summer tyres of small cars such as the VW Polo or the Citroën C3 and means the following: - "185" is the tyre section width in millimeters. In our example, the tyre is 185 millimeters wide. Usually this number is 125-335 mm. - "60" stands for the ratio of the tyre height to tyre width in percent. The number 50 would mean that the tyre is half too high as it is wide. - "R" means "radial", which identifies the type of the tyre. There are two types, namely, diagonally and radially, the radial construction is widespread today. - "15" represents the rim size in inches. So for our example tyres we should use 15-inch wheels. - "H" is the speed index and represents a speed limit of 210 km/h. Which letter represents which authorized maximum speed, you can here look.

When buying tyres therefore applies: Only look to the popular tyre size on the registration document. Then look to the different quality guidelines, and then compare the offers. So there should be no more problems for the purchase of tyres 185er division.

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