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185 50 R16 - large and efficient

tyre in this size, 185 50 R16, are found primarily in vehicles, which are especially tuned for efficiency and driving fun - such as the VW Up. Small car, big wheels. And with large wheels consistently economical and particularly good ride.

A typical summer tyre dimension

Winter tyres are nowhere in 185 50 R16: what still represents a good concept for the summer tyres in winter driving physics just difficult to implement. The significantly better winter tyres are here narrower tyres because the necessary contact pressure is given by the low vehicle weight is usually to make sure in the winter for a really good traction in difficult conditions. With such small cars with such large wheels so are winter tyres normally but then narrower. Was there anything already twenty years ago, and the wisdom behind it has so far not changed.

Proven tyres in 185 50 R16

In the dimension 185 50 R16 but some best are summer tyre models on the market, including the very sporty Dunlop SP Sport 9000, or the ContiPremiumContact of hContinental. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, the considerably more rapid athletes here but surely the Dunlop. But the Toyo Proxes makes in this dimension a really good figure. In the budget brands this dimension is still relatively uncommon, not all manufacturers build tyres in this dimension, and then only individual models, so anyhow with Maxxis, Toyo and Kumho . Many of the models, such as the Kumho Ecsta are well proven in other dimensions, the Toyo Proxes applied anyway as almost a budget classics for all classes.

185 50 R16 is a dimension that mainly decorates small car, the points with high efficiency and good driveability. Winter tyre in this size but there is no - that would be propelled physically difficult to achieve. Here narrower tyres are mostly used.

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