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What Difference Does Wheel Size Make?

When you buy 18 inch tyres, you must ensure that the tyres have a lower profile, sidewall height, to provide adequate clearance when driving over potholes and bumps.When driving on these types of road conditions it causes the suspension to fully compress and rebound. If you increase your wheel diameter by one inch, you should decrease your tyre size by one inch to compensate for suspension compression and rebound. Choosing a tyre with a larger diameter wheel size, wider treads and lower profile would be the perfect choice. 

18 Inch Tyres

When you change from 17 inch wheels to 18 inch tyres the cost of 18 inch tyres may be higher than the 17 inch tyres. The R18 tyre size will be wider in diameter than the 17 inch tyres. Also keeping in mind 18 tyre sizes are heavier than 17 inch tyres. If you change to 18 inch tyres after market when the original tyres on the vehicle were 17 inch, it's very important that you match the lower profile tyre sizing to a larger wheel diameter wheel size to alleviate the problem of inconsistent and unreliable speedometer and odometer readings. The best 18 tyres will provide improved handling and high speed performance. Keeping in mind also the best 18 inch tyres provide a firmer ride. 

About R18 Tyres

The R in R18 inch tyres represents the fact the tyre is made of radial construction. The radial construction of tyres consists of a series of steel cords which extend from the beads across the tread. The cords are placed at 90 degree angles to the centre line of the tread. They are parallel to one another and also have belts directly beneath the tread. The tyres are then provided with reinforcement to withstand the internal air pressure and the external weight of the vehicle. A radial tyre provides the sidewall of the tyre and the tread of the tyre to function as two separate features of the tyre. Whereas a bias tyre has multiple rubber piles which overlap one another. The sidewalls of the tyre and the crown are independent of one another. Overlapping the rubber piles is more sensitive to tyres overheating and is less flexible as the overlapping piles form a thick layer. 

The 18 Inch Tyre Price

When you are taking into consideration the 18 inch tyre price or the R18 tyre price, there are many brands to choose from. If you are just using the vehicle to run around town buying cheap 18 inch tyres is more economical. Whatever the 18 tyres price you are prepared to pay, finding the best deals is still very important. Some of the brands you can choose from are Michelin, Hankook, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Firestone, Kumho and many others. Our website lists the many brands for 18 inch tyres with the best deals we can find. To save time and money and for your convenience we do your comparison shopping for you. You can access the direct links to these great deals right from our website. 

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Dimension 18 inches tyres with secure contact with the road

After a few hundred kilometers, the surface of each tyre has been affected. Since these rims shell represents the crucial contact between the automobile and the road, in this case the views of the safe 18 inches should tyres be placed.

It depends on the size of

Each vehicle needs according to its suspension a different wheel and tyre size order. In most motor vehicle the common measure is the 18-inch tyres. Therefore, various types of inch size by countless manufacturers are available in the range. Thus, for Hankook, Continental to find Dunlop or Fulda correct copies for the specific requirements concerning the body. The tyre manufacturer can offer several series, so the season or in respect to the preferred terrain can grab very different characteristics when purchasing tyres. The focus is also thrown as especially on the profile of the rubber compound.

So easy it is to find the right tyres

With a view of the tyre height or width of 18 inch tyres can be found with the perfect properties. So choosing the appropriate season remains open with respect, so with a special rubber compound less lead to a winter tyre this size for hardening the surface and therefore offer a successful and safe interaction between body and wheels. Secondly, provide appropriate summer tyres , which have been optimized by tread blocks, grooves and ridges on the tariff format of 18 inches, a safe driving experience in navigation and braking. In the different series, the 18-inch tyres are also divided on load capacity and speed suitability. Thus, the driver can not only reinforced tyres or run-flat tyres find, but make its journey with this size quieter and more durable.

The review of the comprehensive range of 18-inch tyres in comparison portal can to, the chassis and the suspension, thereby bring matching wheels shoe to light. Because of the perfect tyre size the interplay of steering, dynamic driving and reaction in a perfect setting is playing easily allows.

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