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tyres with 175 mm width: Economic Pneus for small cars and the compact class

Whether manoeuvrable small cars or sporty compact: tyres with 175 mm wide tyres are as always an excellent choice. The narrow tyres impress with excellent driving characteristics and low fuel consumption.

Low fuel consumption thanks to low rolling resistance

About the tyre width many important properties of tyres are determined. Thus ensures a particularly wide tyres for such a high traction, which, although good driving guarantees, but also increases fuel consumption. Narrow tyres, however, are usually more economical but can not quite keep up with the broader competitors in handling, braking and traction. tyre with 175 millimeters in width are among the narrower tyres places convince but by good handling characteristics. The width is selected so that a rolling resistance is generated which favors low fuel consumption and safe driving.

High quality offroad tyres with a width of 175 Continental

In addition to the tyre width also determines the height above the individual characteristics. tyre with 175 millimeters in width are offered in a variety of dimensions. With increasing tyre height of ride comfort grows. The flatter the tyres, the better the cornering stability. Who is looking for offroad tyres for the winter, is the Continental CROSS CONTACT WINTER very good advice in the size 175/65 R15. The quality tyre series made in wet grip and fuel consumption excellent results. In addition convince the winter tyres with their low external rolling noise, which guarantee a smooth ride.

tyre with 175 millimeters wide offer good handling characteristics and superior energy efficiency. Offered are the tyres for PWKS (small and compact cars), off-roaders and SUVs. Especially recommended are the Offroadreifen Series Continental CROSS CONTACT WINTER.

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