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tyres with 165 mm width: Ennergieeffizientes driving on asphalt and off-road

For the various types of vehicle tyres are required with 165 millimeters wide. Main fields of application, however, the division of micro-car is (with the widespread tyre size 165/70 R14 ). Moreover 165er tyres are also available for classic cars and motorcycles.

Narrow tread for optimal handling characteristics in snow and rain

The tyre width of 165 millimeters convinced both summer as well as winter tyres. Due to the narrow tread of tyres produced only a small while driving rolling resistance. This has a positive effect on the fuel consumption of the vehicle. In summer tyres achieve with 165 millimeters in width when driving on asphalt solid results in handling, traction and braking performance. If the outside temperature, and the first snowfall sets in, disclose tyre of this size, however, only reach their full potential. On snow and ice, the tyres have a significantly higher grip than wider tyres. The reason is that the total weight of the vehicle spread over a small tread and can grasp better the profile through the deeper sinking of the tyre.

High quality tyres from leading manufacturers

tyre with 165 millimeters in width are offered in many different dimensions. In each case, the tyre height and the inner diameter varies. Also note that the greater the tyre height and the smaller de inner diameter, the more ride comfort tyres. Pneus with the width 165 are offered by many well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Pirelli or Dunlop. Even cheap providers distribute tyres of dimensions such as Saya, Barum or Nexen. A recommended series of 165er summer tyres for cars is Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 .

The selection of tyres with 165 mm width is huge. For mini cars, vintage cars and motorcycles can be found countless variations. The great advantage of Pneus width 165 is the low fuel consumption and excellent driving characteristics in snow and heavy rain.

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