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16 inch tyres - the all-rounder for compact and middle class

Those looking for new car tyres is, should know which tyre sizes the vehicle is registered. Noted this information is on the registration document. For many Kompatktwagen and mid-size cars 16 inch tyres are the right choice. Newer Golf models are equipped among other things with the 16 Zollern.

Pneus for many vehicle models

A tyre diameter of 16 inches - converted, this means that the tyre has a diameter of 40.64 cm. To include these tyres to the midsize tyre that can be used in many ways. Not only cars are equipped with 16 inch tyres; Versions are also available for off-road SUVs, for trucks and vans and even for vans. Finally, a diameter of 16 inches and a common size for motorcycle tyres. The smaller car tyres provide a comfortable ride and are well on the road. With the matching wheels 16 inch tyres a sporty and dynamic.

The 16 incher in Test

16 inch tyres for cars is available both as summer tyres as well as winter tyres. Some manufacturers also have all-season tyres with this diameter range. tyres 16-inch are very popular car tyres, therefore they are offered by a corresponding number of tyre producers. Each price range can be found in variety. In the summer tyre test especially the models of Pirelli perform well. But the Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo can compete with its 16-inch tyres from the competition. Among the winter tyres achieve Pneus Nokian and Goodyear consistently good results.

Whether compact car or lower middle class, tyres with a diameter of 16 inches can be used in many ways. With the right wheels to impart the big city grade speedsters sporty look.

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