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The tyre dimensions 155 55 R14

tyre width, the ratio of width to height and diameter - these values ​​must consider when buying their tyres motorists. For other small car tyres are required than for medium-sized cars or even for limousines. The tyre dimensions 155 55 R14 is a very typical size for the compact class, with a balanced ratio between width and diameter.

This means the indication 155 55 R14

The mean numbers in detail: 155 represents the section width in millimeters, 55 for the aspect ratio between width and tyre height in percent, R14 is the diameter in inches. R stands for the arrangement of the tyre as a radial tyre, the typical type of tyre for cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. A tyre of the dimension 155 55 R14 is therefore 155 mm wide and has a diameter of 14 inches or 35.46 cm converted. The customs size is important, inter alia for the selection of the appropriate wheels; combining these tyres with rims of also 14 inches in diameter.

Pneus for manoeuvrable small cars

tyres sized 155 55 R14 are relatively small tyres that come especially for agile city car in question. Your profession are mainly moderate speeds and relaxed exits. By comparison, a common tyre size for the compact class is the dimension 165 55 R14 , wider and slightly higher Pneus. Offered are tyres in size among other manufacturers such as Federal and Nankang. Also Kumho summer tyres are available in this size. Through the balanced ratio of width and diameter drivability is pleasant, the car can be controlled well and bring to a fast stop.

Especially favorable Summer car tyres in the dimension 155 55 R14 find. They are ideal for small city cars, which must not be driven at high speeds.

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