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Using 15.3-inch tyres

When you buy a new set of r15.3 tyres, unless you have your own mounting and balancing equipment you will need to have them mounted and balanced by a professional. It is important for tyres to be distributed evenly around the axle to avoid vibration when the tyres are spinning. Imbalanced tyres can make your ride very bumpy and this worsens as you gain speed. It also affects the performance of the vehicle. It is advisable to always purchase the best 15.3 tyres when shopping for new tyres.

Choosing the right tyre for the job

15.3 tyre sizes vary and are selected by the purchaser for the type of farm equipment they are going to be used for. Accordingly, the 15.3 inch tyres price varies. Tyres have “wear bars” spaced periodically into the grooves raised to 2/32 that over time with wear and tear becomes the same level as the rest of the tyre. This is the cue to replace them and to find a suitable r15.3 tyre price for your particular vehicle needs.

Using tyres that are smooth can prove dangerous as you no longer have an adequate grip on the road or other ground.

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