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Reliable and traditional 14.5 inch tyres

If you believe in the established traditions of true motoring but with some modern day technical refinements then you will be captured by the 14.5 tyre sizes that are road-proven and have tavelled the roads of time with flying colours!

If it’s a question of reliability then this sized tyre, mainly used on the smaller car models has continued to maintain its popularity. It is available from all major manufacturers for all-seasons, summer and winter driving conditions! Of special interest to the family motorist, apart from the 14.5 inch tyres price is the fact of this tyre being particularly applicable to every-day motoring needs.

Driving economy with r14.5 tyres

In these days of general price-consciousness, you can have the advantage of greater motoring economy by purchasing your tyres online at a satisfying and value-oriented r14.5 tyre price . The price does not detract from the quality of this tyre, which provides you with road holding safety and stability.

With a reduced rolling-resistance, you can look forward to improved fuel economy. The best 14.5 tyres are ideal if you enjoy driving and for work commuting. Also, for those relaxed causal family outings that make this tyre a safe road companion! 

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