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Do You Need To Buy 12 Inch Tyres?

The 12 inch tyre is a radial tyre for mainly transporters, vans, light commercial trucks and pick-ups. 12 inch tyres normally come with a lengthened tread life and superior bend sturdiness. The best 12 inch tyres are Yokohama A539 for both wet and dry roads. Michelin Energy XM2 is a great 12 inch tyre for increased fuel efficiency by 20 percent and very high comfort level. The Bridgestone Potenza GIII is a max performance summer tyre with great dry grip and very silent with no squeal. The cost of 12 inch tyres can vary depending on the type of 12 inch tyre you need for your specific vehicle. A great place to look for price comparisons to get the best price for you is with loads of tyres to get the best 12 inch tyre price for you. With that being said 12 tyres price are very easy to compare while using with various reviews on your said tyre size that you are needing with a brief description on every tyre you look at making it a great place to buy 12 inch tyres.

Looking At R12 Tyres

R12 tyre size is a small tyre size mainly for small cars or motorcycles. R12 tyre price varies with what type of tyre you are looking at getting, as their are different tyre types for weather conditions. The R12 tyres come in various different styles such as Summer tyres which are great for dry and wet conditions and are only for summer time driving. Winter tyres are best for cold weather driving they are great for driving in wet cold conditions which make the tyres have more grip and keep you on the road. Winter tyres also give you an advantage of stopping easier in the snow compared to conventional tyres which take a long time to stop and make you slide for longer. All season tyres are typically the tyre every vehicle has on it when it leaves the factory they are only suitable for conditions including light winter driving and wet roads. They are basically a combination of summer and winter tyres all in one. But with all that said all season tyres may seem like the cheaper route but are not the best for you and your vehicle as they don’t offer the same benefits and safety as a specific season tyre does. So overall switching between seasonal tires is the best route in order to be at the peak for each season with you vehicle. 

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Find out more about 12 inch tyres

The customs size refers to the diameter of a tyre. 12 inch tyres have converted a diameter of 30.38 cm, are therefore rather small. In fact, 12 inches are the smallest tyre gauge that for passenger cars is used.

12 inch tyres for cars, motorbikes and trailers

Due to the compact size 12 inch tyres are only for small cars. They are offered here represented both as a summer tyre and a winter tyre, some all season tyres models are on the market. However, 12-inch tyres on cars are now rarely found. The trend is towards larger tyre models. Continuous, the 12-incher in motorcycling. Many manufacturers offer motorcycle tyres at the appropriate size for athletic equipment, all price segments are represented here. 12-inch models are also used for trailers.

Narrow and small tyres, especially for trailers

12 inch tyres are of course for aluminum wheels made ​​of an appropriate size. Compared with larger tyre models are not only smaller, but also a little narrower. Diameter and tyre width are nevertheless always in a pleasant and safe relationship. Thus, the 12-inch tyres have a smaller contact area than larger and wider tyres. Accordingly, car tyres are in this format rather less for powerful vehicles. Small car, on the go, especially in the city, and trailers go to the small dimensions, however, safe and reliable.

For cars 12 inch tyres are used more rarely. However, many manufacturers offer motorcycle tyres with this diameter. Special tyres, for example for trailers are also often made in this dimension.

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