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With Tyfoon winter tyres safely through the cold season

If you go to winter tyres omitted one is taking a big risk. You risked in icy or verschneiden streets not only the coverage but also endangers yourself and other road users. In addition, you risk a fine of 40 euros and 80 euros and one point in Flensburg when hampered by incorrect tyre other drivers.

What is the time you should change to winter tyres.

For this reason, one should at least when in the autumn fallen leaves create slippery roads, switch to winter tyres. Many shall follow the so-called "O to O - rule". This states that one until the weekend after Easter with Tyfoon winter tyres should be out in the period from October. You can recognize winter tyres easily at the M + S marking on the sidewall. The special feature of winter tyres is the special profile, which provides in snow and ice for the necessary grip. For SUV or SUV there alongside traditional Tyfoon winter tyres also special variants like the Tyfoon Winter XXL especially for SUVs .

When selecting the tyre must pay attention to the type of vehicle.

When selecting the tyre should pay attention not only to the appropriate cross section, but also on the sustainability of the tyre. This is indicated by a two-digit number. In the Tyfoon winter tyres Euro Speed ​​2 , the bearing capacity is given as 86, which corresponds to a permissible load of 530 kilograms per tyre.

With snow tyres, it is not only on whether the cross section is correct, but you should also look into admission. Importantly, the total weight. Because if the Tyfoon winter tyres, the total weight can not wear, road safety is compromised.


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