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225 40 R18 Winter tyres for cars

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225 40 R18 as winter tyres provides harmonious driving characteristics

For many people in the winter harmonious driving characteristics is essential, which is why many consumers for a narrower car tyres decide. But a test of the trade magazine Autobild shows that the dimension 225 40 R18 hardly brings as winter tyres disadvantages over smaller brands with itself.

Wide tyres, know that convince

Optics and driving comfort combined in one. The Make 225 40 R18 winter tyre range can be described with these words. Basically suspected the narrower tyres provide better ride comfort. In recent years, this was true with security but due to the constantly increasing demand, the developers devote increased the performance of wide tyres in winter. This Winter tyres provide stability, show a good performance on snow-covered roads and convince with appealing braking distances. The magazine AutoBild has some models subjected and found that this part better driving dynamics properties than narrower tyres a test.

Cheap tyres as a risk on the road

When purchasing a finished product 225 40 R18 for the winter tyres, consumers should be aware that between the various models, a significant difference in quality can be seen. To view affordable models some weaknesses in braking and handling of the car. When searching the most appropriate model should not stand in the foreground of the price. Although the rates of just 50 Euros per tyre are very tempting but at increased risk in road traffic. A good performance on wet surfaces provides the Pirelli W 240 Sottozero. Very balanced on snow and other criteria, presented the Pneu of Goodyear (Ultra Grip 8).

Who wants to convince even in winter with visually beautiful tyres yet outfitted with a comfortable ride, which coincides with the dimension 225 40 R18 winter tyres as a good choice. The price difference between low-cost and premium manufacturers is approximately 50 to 60 euros. Compared to some other dimensions here a big difference in quality can be seen, so the price may be perceived as a quality characteristic.

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