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215 55 R17 Winter tyres for cars

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215 55 R17 winter tyres: Balanced driving characteristics and low fuel consumption

A high traction, good ride comfort and low fuel consumption convince 215 55 R17 winter tyres on small and compact cars. Especially in light snow and wet roads has a tyre size of the best conditions.

Optimum braking on snowy roads

The combination of tyre width and send 17 inch wheels makes the dimensions 215 55 R17 winter tyres as a visually extremely attractive Pneu. Due to the extent that give auto tyres compact and small cars such as the VW Golf, Audi A1 / A3 or Opel Astra sporting appearance. Also for handling the tyre width is important: The large tread of winter tyres, the rolling resistance is high. Thus, the traction is improved, which in turn has a positive effect on the steering and braking behavior and traction. In addition, the ride comfort and cornering stability is influenced over the tyre height. 215 55 R17 winter tyres cut here both in terms of comfort as well as the cornering stability from good.

Strong traction tyres for Winter

A magnificent and simultaneously cheaper winter tyres in the dimension 215 55 R17 is the Marangoni Meteo HP . In the EU tyre label laufstarke Pneu is labeled by wet adhesion and energy efficiency in each case with the C class. The external rolling noise score well with a value of 72 decibels. is responsible for the excellent results of the winter tyres Marangoni including the asymmetric tread pattern. Depth longitudinal grooves ensure a rapid removal of water and mud under the tyre. For the necessary grip on snow and ice make distinctive tread blocks. In addition, improved wide outer disk, the driving stability of the 215 55 R17 winter tyres Marangoni.

Winter tyres of size 215 55 R17 are an excellent choice for owners of small and compact cars, who appreciate: solid handling characteristics, low fuel consumption and driving comfort. Cheap Pneus these dimensions are available starting at just under 40 euros.

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