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225 55 R17 Winter tyres for cars

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225 55 R17: The winter tyre for compact and midsize cars

225 55 R17 winter tyres guarantee on snowy roads maximum driving safety. At the same time the tyre which offers outstanding grip on dry and wet asphalt. This positively affects traction, handling and braking characteristics of, thus ensuring a constant power in all weather conditions.

High traction and short braking distances

tyres with the dimensions 225 55 R17 are designed for high speeds. Most winter tyres have this size the Speed ​​Index H (210 km/h) or V (240 km/h). Here makes the wide tread of tyres noticeable, which ensures excellent traction on asphalt. The reason for this is the high rolling resistance. It also affects the steering and braking properties of tyres. Where: improve with increasing rolling resistance to the handling characteristics. Optically convincing 225 55 R17 winter tyres by a very powerful appearance. Especially compact and midsize cars like the Audi S4, VW Golf GTI or Mazda MX-5 benefits from the sporty design of the car tyres. On the topic of convincing driving comfort winter tyres by an appropriate performance.

Recommended in ice and snow, the Michelin Alpin A4

Good results in handling, fuel economy and comfort achieve 225 55 R17 winter tyres Series Michelin Alpin A4 . In independent tests by the ADAC, the magazine Auto Motor und Sport and the Austrian motorist association ÖAMTC snow tyres were the "good" and "very recommendable". The Michelin Alpin A4 are very strong and, thanks to their rubber compound and tread pattern. Moreover, the two components provide excellent handling characteristics on snow and ice and on dry and wet asphalt. In EU tyre label wet grip and fuel consumption of are car tyres in each of the C class.

High performance in all weather conditions and ample ride comfort offer 225 55 R17 winter tyres. As tyres Series Michelin Alpin A4 convince also by a low fuel consumption and high durability.

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