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225 45 R18 Winter tyres for cars

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225 45 R18 winter tyres: High-quality tyres for compact and middle class

With the 225 45 R18 winter tyres buyers get particularly high-traction tyres, with superb handling and a powerful appearance. The best effect the tyres on vehicles of the compact and middle class. Pricewise winter tyres of the dimension 225 45 R18 between 80 and 250 euros.

Optimal stability during cornering

18 inch rims and the low cross-section of 225 45 R18 winter tyres provide to compact and midsize cars like the Audi S4 or BMW 335i for an even sportier appearance. At the same time the tyre dimensions but also act directly on the driving characteristics. The wide tread of car tyres , makes about a high rolling resistance, which traction is increasing significantly. This in turn provides enhanced braking and steering characteristics and greater traction. The relatively low tyre height on the other hand resulting in excellent cornering stability and allows a comfortable ride. Recently, the inside diameter of 18 inches makes for a certain smoothness in the tyres.

Strong traction winter tyres Nokian

In the group of 225 45 R18 winter tyres, among other things are Nokian WR A3 highly recommended. Thanks to modern rubber compound and asymmetrical block profile the tyres offer excellent performance in snow, rain and sunshine. In EU tyre label wet grip of the tyres with the class C (AG) is marked. An excellent result: cars with a class-F tyres have on wet roads when braking (80 km/h) up to 11 meters longer braking distance. The energy efficiency is absolutely convincing and also marked with the C class. Points to the 225 45 R18 winter tyres also by low tyre noise and a low purchase price. The tyres have the speed index V (up to 240 km/h).

225 45 R18 winter tyres offer both in snow and ice and on wet asphalt optimal handling and short braking distances. As tyres Series Nokian WR A3 tyres also score with a good profitability.

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